Outlook Anywhere Without VPN

MS Outlook
Many of us rely on MS Outlook® for our day in and day out email needs. It's not just our email medium, but our communication, calendar/scheduling, contact and even a document management tool of choice. But in order to do any of that, most organizations require VPN first. It's either that or Outlook Web Access (OWA). The latter, even when using IE, still lacks the features one is accustomed to seeing and/or using from the full fledged application.

What if you can access the full fledged application, with your personal folders intact (assuming the PST file is local) along with all of its features? Well, that is possible now with Outlook Anywhere©. I urge you to enable the Outlook Anywhere settings ... and render your fob/VPN the exception, and not the rule.

As for how it works, and not work, I highly recommend you read this. Enjoy.