Shrinking Long URLs with and

The URL shortener space is getting increasingly crowded, with a ton of new and existing companies bringing their offerings to the table. A few come to mind like:,, and TinyURL. Although not yet for public consumption, Google has even launched its own service called Google's launch comes on the heels of Facebook having quietly launched its own URL-shortening service called Heading there in your browser simply takes you to Facebook's home page, whereas sharing links through Facebook's mobile site will shorten them for you using a shortened URL. Surprisingly, I've not seen much from Facebook about their new service.

As usual, I digree. Logo
The one service I've failed to mention, and the one that I use the most ... the focus of today's article is Actually, I use the powered, which's two characters shorter. ("jump") is in fact but with a shorter domain name. You can learn more about it here. And in a World where every character counts (especially on the likes of Twitter), with the power of is the best all around URL-shortener (IMHO, of course).

Although I use's domain, I will be referring to the parent company,, from here on.

Besides the basic functionality of shortening URLs, it also provide feature for URL analysis. You can track number of clicks, locations, referrers, time of clicks for any URL without having to register, login or install any software. also offers customizable URLs, tracking, 301 redirection and a mobile version among many other features.