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Technology Nomad is a new blog about technology. Technology tips, technology tricks, mobile technology, software, open-source, hardware, social media, etc. Technology Nomad can be about the latest & greatest technology news; but that's not its focus. Instead, it's more about good write ups on the technology trends & topics themselves.

At this time, and most likely for all of 2010, Technology Nomad will barely have enough stats to justify advertising spots and pricing. In the meantime, to cover some of the costs, Technology Nomad is accepting sponsors.

Different types of sponsorships

  • The Technology Nomad home/front page, which will display a minimum of the three latest articles/posts.
  • A specific contributing author
  • A contest.
Page sponsorships (excluding contests) can be of a small left-aligned image (optional) and up to 3 lines of text that fit within a 300 x 100 pixel space (including the optional image). All images must be transparent images (gif or png). Space is based on monthly (calendar) blocks, and are available at the Technology Nomad launch rate of $20/month per space.

Given Technology Nomad's fresh launch, contest schedules haven't been determined yet. At this time, however, Technology Nomad is aiming at one contest per quarter. Only one sponsor per contest is allowed. The pricing structure is simple at $20 per contest, aimed to cover the inclusion of the sponsor's small logo/image, which will accompany most communications; plus the sponsor is responsible for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place prizes of their choice (representative of their name and company image).

Technology Nomad can only make recommendations. The prizes need not be exuberant; instead, they should be kept simple. Example: Let's say you're wishing to sponsor a contest on Technology Nomad. No need for the grand prize to be a Kindle (although that would be nice). Instead, it could be a $100 gift card. Know what I mean?

Technology Nomad reserves the rights of the contest terms, rules, selection, etc. Technology Nomad also reserves the right to reject sponsors for any reason at any given time. All payments to Technology Nomad are done via Paypal.

To become a sponsor on Technology Nomad, please send us a simple email with the full name of the contact person, phone number, the company name, and the intended spaces you/the company intends to sponsor.

For clarification, questions, etc. please don't hesitate to drop us a line.